Need members please!

i dont want this website to die so i need members and requests already damn. I HATE BEING ONE OF THOSE DEAD WEBSITES COMON!!!! Please i dont have anything else in my life T_T. i cant even get a girlfriend TT^TT. Please i need members to help me out.

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If you want to request a brawl hack post it here and ill try to get it done. I will do any portrait requests so post them here.

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Everything is up and running.

I added my “Hacks” and “Skins” pages to my blog to view all of my brawl hacks and super mario war skins. Enjoy!

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YAY! My new blog!

Im so happy! Now that i have a blog for all of my hacks and my Super Mario War skins. ill get more popularity.Well new things are soming soon so stay tuned. Here is my first upload. My Yume Nikki Super Mario Skins.Just check the section called “Skins” and they willl be there in 10 min. tops. Enjoy.

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